Why Employee Engagement Is Important and How to Do It Well

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

How employee engagement works

In essence, employee engagement is about making sure staff members are involved in the workplace to the greatest extent possible. The notion is that job satisfaction increases when people feel that their work matters to the company and that they’re a valued staff member.

The program benefits

When employee engagement programs work well, you’ll see increased enthusiasm spread throughout the company. Positive emotions are just as contagious as negative ones, after all. People will be more inclined to see themselves as part of a team, and how they support one another will demonstrate this.

Implementation advice

So, what’s the pathway to improving staff engagement? It’s important to know that the firm’s efforts to promote a more committed workforce must be genuine. If they’re not, the whole purpose will be defeated and employees will likely believe the company doesn’t care about them.

In closing

Having a truly engaged workforce requires staying in touch with how employees want to be engaged with the business while enlisting their help to sustain an impactful staff engagement program.



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Eugene Chrinian

Eugene Chrinian


Eugene Chrinian is the CEO of Ashley Furniture HomeStores in NY and NJ. Eugene Chrinian's mission includes an emphasis on Leadership and Christian Values.