A Look at 4 Characteristics of Inspirational Leaders

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

Be the inspiration you seek

Before you can inspire others, you need to be inspired yourself. And not only about your company’s back-of-house operations and its balance sheets, but about how the product or service you offer can change people’s lives for the better.

Offer a vision

The world’s best leaders work with a defined goal in mind and are able to convey its importance to others. In addition to numerous visionary political, ethical, and organizational leaders, there have been a range of business leaders who have articulated clear-cut goals based on a central vision.

Tell a story, paint a picture

To really capture an audience — whether it consists of employees, customers, or other stakeholders — use the power of storytelling. People aren’t typically moved by the abstract. So focus on real stories about how your company’s work improves the lives of real people. Use personal narratives that highlight how what your team does produces a tangible impact on the world.

Put people first

Business leaders who get to know their employees as people, and who relate to them as social and emotional equals, who show concern about their lives, hopes, and dreams, are more likely to foster a sense of genuine human connection and cohesiveness in the workplace. They are more likely to inspire.



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Eugene Chrinian

Eugene Chrinian


Eugene Chrinian is the CEO of Ashley Furniture HomeStores in NY and NJ. Eugene Chrinian's mission includes an emphasis on Leadership and Christian Values.