5 Spectacular Stories about Supporting a Sustainable Environment

Photo by RawFilm on Unsplash

It’s the bee’s knees

You may have heard environmentalists say that the world’s population of pollinators has been starting to die off. The transferring of pollen from one plant to another is necessary for plants to reproduce and make seeds. Bees, beetles, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other creatures play a critical role in this process.

Pulling plastic from the Pacific

Plastic in the world’s waterways is a growing problem. In fact, when the location of accumulated waste has been given a name, just as you would name any place on a map, you know the problem has reached epidemic proportions. Such is the case for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Creative canoes for fish catchers

People have found many ways to repurpose garbage, cutting down on landfill use and freeing up waterways. One young man in Cameroon collects discarded plastic drinking bottles to build what he calls “EcoBoats.” These small sea-worthy boats are currently used by local fishermen and are sought after by ecotourism operators in the area. To meet ongoing demand and further environmental cleanup efforts, the entrepreneur started the nonprofit Madiba & Nature, which launched EcoBins, the country’s first-ever system for collecting, sorting, and recycling waste products.

A way back for whales

If you’ve read anything about ocean life, you may be aware that many creatures that call the sea home are seeing their species numbers dwindle. Some of these beings are poised to become extinct unless something is done. The humpback whale is especially in need of assistance.

Designed to desalinate water

Having an adequate supply of clean drinking water is a serious issue for many people around the world. While in some locations there may be an abundant amount of water nearby, it is not drinkable because it’s salt water. Many communities along the coastline of Chile face this dilemma. They also have an issue with unreliable electricity.



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Eugene Chrinian

Eugene Chrinian


Eugene Chrinian is the CEO of Ashley Furniture HomeStores in NY and NJ. Eugene Chrinian's mission includes an emphasis on Leadership and Christian Values.